ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CB-VET – Project number 101129078
Capacity Building project in Vocational Education and Training 


Innovative agile training program and training opportunities for the digital and green twin transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Footwear sector

The footwear sector is one of the oldest and most developed industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The footwear sector is one of the oldest and most developed industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, employing a significant number of people, particularly in rural areas, and representing an important source of income for many families. The country has a long history of shoemaking dating back to the 18th century, traditionally centered in the Republika Srpska. Footwear exports in 2022 exceeded 250 million USD, comprising 12 million pairs of shoes, with the main trading partners being Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Germany has seen a notable increase as a destination country, with a 51% increase in value compared to 2021, while Italy has experienced a decrease of 17% compared to the previous year.

Million Pairs
Footwear exportations in 2022

The sector has faced challenges in recent years due to increased competition from imports and the economic crisis. However, it has been able to adapt and become more competitive by investing in modern technology and equipment, as well as developing new products and improving the quality of existing ones.

However, vocational education and training (VET) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized into three levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced – faces shortcomings in quality structures, human resources, pedagogical resources, and effective private-public cooperation models, constraining the sector’s advancement in accordance with the aspirations and capabilities of its entrepreneurs.

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